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Being overweight and having high blood pressure compelled me to change my lifestyle for myself and my family. Tired of endless eating, drinking alcohol, and late nights, I found salvation in bodybuilding. I had to remove myself from toxic people and an unhealthy environment. While this decision did not make me the most popular person in town, it was my only way to break free from my depression and become the person I knew I could be. I quickly lost weight and gained muscle after extensive research.It’s amazing what you learn when you immerse yourself in the fitness world.

You encounter strong personalities and business savvy people. You soon realize that anything can be accomplished and that the ones who make excuses to not focus on their physical health tend to fail. This is where the expression, “don’t blame genetics” originates from. While this expression can be interpreted as cruel or unfair, it’s really just a phrase I want to highlight to help you consider what might be holding you back. I have discovered that this motto applies to everyone, not just those who want to lose weight.

Seeing firsthand how people struggle with and overcome difficult situations (a sister diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and a father with Type 1 diabetes), I was inspired to create this website to resonate with people who may not have been dealt the best hand in life. Don’t Blame Genetics declare to the world, “I will not be held back from my dreams!”

I’m currently in the best shape of my life and have never felt better. I’ve learned so much during my journey in the fitness world. I now have a burning desire to help others. Too many people ignore the mental and spiritual growth potential of fitness and consider it a shallow, frivolous hobby. I’m committed to shifting this mindset with other like-minded individuals who are intelligent, motivated and entrepreneurial. I’m excited to continue on this path with others who are enthusiastic about the work it takes to achieve success.

Health & Fitness – Clarity for My Life

This book will open your eyes and help you to see the world with a different point of view--no more negativity and no more excuses. No matter how hopeless of a case you may think you are, there is always a way to make a comeback. Stop giving up, and stop blaming genetics! You, too, can change your life through fitness, starting today.

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