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Comfort Is Mediocracy In The Making

By Team DBG | February 10, 2017 | No Comments

Fitness for me is more than looking good and likes on social media. It is more to me than killing myself physically in the gym, furthermore it is my saving grace. I was completely and utterly lost, the gym helped me find myself. Was it comfortable, no, but it was worth it. Fitness took my life from mediocre to challenging and purpose-filled.

Coming from a family with very high standards in terms of social acceptance, I found myself as a young girl always striving to please the crowd. I did everything growing up to please and gain approval. I had to be the best. Through this I gained a lot of personal accomplishments, but at the end of the day, I was still empty. I never did anything that was for ME. I didn’t know what I, myself, longed for or what made me happy.

When I started lifting, I was at a place in my life where I did things that were socially normal. I was in a mediocre relationship. I went through the same motions everyday. I made everyone else happy, but myself. I shortly realized this was the first thing that was solely for myself. It was uncomfortable because I was on my own. I was stepping outside of my comfort zone to learn and do things I’ve never done before. My family did not understand this. They were not there rooting for me. I lost a lot of friends when I decided to choose staying in on a Friday and Saturday, but by giving up things that everyone else wanted from me, I found what I wanted.

In life we can either strive for goals that are personally pleasing or we can live in mediocracy where everyone else is happy. Screw social norms, I want personal bests. I want to be healthy. I want to change lives by my personal statement versus having hangovers. I’m young, but the fire that I have inside of me for fitness is so much more. Your work ethic, your dedication, and your discipline
Are things that cannot be bought. These are not materialistic. These are personal qualities that you CHOOSE to have everyday. They help you stand out.

Fitness is a personal grind that no one can do for you. It’s having heavy crap on your back, and pushing up. It’s about grinding when everyone else is sleeping. It’s what you personally want to see in the mirror looking back at you. It includes days where you fail, but on the days you exceed, it has some of the highest of highs.

I say all of this to say, fitness brought me out of personal mediocracy. I am in a life that I am passionate for. I wake up everyday ready to impact others. I may have fewer friends than ever, but the ones I do have are true. They support what I want from life. I no longer live to please or fit the mold, I make a statement. Now the question lies :

Are you living a life for yourself or for others? Are your goals your own or for others? Do you blame the cards you have been dealt in a way that is safe, or are you taking risks to a greater life? Don’t blame genetics, you can simply have a great life if you put down the excuses, escape the comfort. Mediocracy is boring, be your own you.

-Tiffany Baines

Instagram:  @t_Brooke7

Team DBG

I’m currently in the best shape of my life and have never felt better. I’ve learned so much during my journey in the fitness world. I now have a burning desire to help others. Too many people ignore the mental and spiritual growth potential of fitness and consider it a shallow, frivolous hobby. I’m committed to shifting this mindset with other like-minded individuals who are intelligent, motivated and entrepreneurial. I’m excited to continue on this path with others who are enthusiastic about the work it takes to achieve success. - Bryan Watmore (CEO)

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