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New Year – New Motivation

By Team DBG | January 11, 2019 | No Comments

Every turn of a new year reveals millions of people embarking on their new year resolutions. The first few weeks, maybe even months, your gym is packed with new faces chasing fitness goals they have set for themselves. However, after those first couple months, most fall off. Why is that? Why is it so hard to dedicate 30-60 minutes per day to better yourself? I’ll tell you, they lack motivation.

Motivation can not be bought or borrowed. Motivation is something that starts with your heart and MAKES your mind follow. Not everyone has this, nor are they willing to sacrifice for it. People point blank are unwilling to be uncomfortable for the long haul.

Yeah, I said it, people are unwilling to develop the motivation needed to succeed. Some people have a better work ethic than others, but that doesn’t mean you instantly fail. This means you have to win your mind battle more. You have a harder internal battle than those who already have the work ethic. A lot of people mistake motivation and temporary pursuit. When a person sets a new resolution to go to the gym 5 days a week, you’ll see them buy new clothes, new shoes, the latest headphones, etc. They truly believe all these external things will help them keep motivation, but does it? I won’t lie, I love some new Don’t Blame Genetics gear, but that’s not what is going to get that mom who works two jobs to the gym. On days when it’s freezing outside and you could easily snooze that alarm, a new pair of beats headphones isn’t going to motivate someone to pick the gym. The only thing that will make you choose the gym is internal motivation and the desire inside to be better than who you were yesterday.

Choosing to go to a gym where you may be uncomfortable, insecure, or just out of place isn’t easy on a consistent basis. In the beginning it’s easier because it’s new, it’s exciting, it feels good. However, over time, it becomes easier to make excuses regarding time, energy, or overall just the mental battle to go.

So how do we get this motivation thing? Well, for starters, get over yourself and the idea you have it all together. Accept that the gym isn’t going to be an “easy” hobby. Accept that your mind will tell you everyday an excuse not to go, but you literally have to suck it up, swallow the hard work that lies ahead, and just go. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Developing motivation takes different amounts of time for different people. I can tell you, If you become consistent, you start eating better, and you allow your body time to start seeing physical results, motivation will slowly build and you will start looking forward to that “me” time the gym has become.

Watching our bodies transform is a beautiful, rewarding adventure. Realizing all those sweaty hours on the stair master or slinging dumbbells is paying off. It’s hard to see the progress when maybe it isn’t visible, but let me tell you, every damn workout makes a difference. Every treadmill walk burns a calorie. Every time you make a consistent effort to eat to nourish and fuel your body makes a difference. Every single effort you put into your health journey not only builds towards motivation, but it is making you better, even if you cannot see it, you are.

In closing, eating shit, slacking on the gym, and just feeling down will not build motivation. Making a conscious effort everyday to be consistent and treating your body right is what will win the battle of having motivation or not. Also, screw genetics and realize anyone can develop motivation to see results and become healthier.

Tiffany Johnson

IG: @t_brooke_fit

Team DBG

I’m currently in the best shape of my life and have never felt better. I’ve learned so much during my journey in the fitness world. I now have a burning desire to help others. Too many people ignore the mental and spiritual growth potential of fitness and consider it a shallow, frivolous hobby. I’m committed to shifting this mindset with other like-minded individuals who are intelligent, motivated and entrepreneurial. I’m excited to continue on this path with others who are enthusiastic about the work it takes to achieve success. - Bryan Watmore (CEO)

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