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What It Means To Be A DBG Athlete

By Team DBG | September 15, 2017 | No Comments

In May of 2016 I hit the gym for a brutal leg workout with my friend Malary. She was wearing a hot pink tank with a bold logo of three white letters, “DBG”. While in the sauna after our lift, I asked about her shirt as I had seen several pictures on her Instagram with various tops adorned with this same logo along with the words, “Don’t Blame Genetics“. She told me about the owner, Bryan, who had reached out to her while she was a brand representative for a supplement company they had mutual friends through. Curious about Bryan and his company, I followed Don’t Blame Genetics on Instagram, and carefully scrolled through each and every post trying to get a feel for the brand.

On May 24, 2016, I received a message on Instagram from Bryan, basically saying that he was not currently looking to add to the team, but that he’d been following my account for awhile and that Mal was someone he trusted, so when she reached out to him about me  he was willing to take a chance. My first package came about a week later with two tank tops and some DBG sunglasses. I ripped open that bag so quick, scattering trash about my living room. This was the first of many packages I would receive from Bryan, but the first was my favorite because it was reassurance that someone believed in what I was doing in the gym and that someone had my back while I figured it all out.

It wasn’t until about a month or so after the first package that Bryan officially asked me if I’d like to be part of the DBG team. To be honest I thought I already was, but it was awesome to officially be invited and to be surrounded by such good company. Being able to wear the clothes with Mal during our workouts and have other incredible athletes’ faces next to mine on the Instagram page was crazy. NPC South Carolina State Champion, Skylyn Mickler, Australian athlete and WFF Pro and WFF Miss Universe, Trish Veugelaers, and IFBB Bikini Pro Megan Gillis, were just a few of the women to wear and represent DBG when I first joined the team. I felt humbled and shocked that I could ever find myself surrounded by such inspiring and amazing individuals in the fitness industry.

I never imagined the friend I would find in Bryan when I received my first package. I even remember being a little nervous about giving a stranger my address in order to send the apparel, but that quickly wore off. Bryan became someone I could talk to about my frustrations in and out of the gym. Anything from an exercise or weight I was struggling with, to school, and work, Bryan was always willing to listen and offer advice. Each day I began to appreciate my role with the company more and more. I wanted to embody the meaning of Don’t Blame Genetics both in and out of the gym. It was more than just not using your genetics as a scapegoat to why you cannot achieve your fitness goals, but also not blaming genetics, your background, or your surroundings for why you weren’t accomplishing other goals in your life.

Being a DBG athlete has taught me that I must believe in myself and my capabilities before I ever expect anyone to believe in them for me. It has taught me humility, accountability, and a hell of a lot about loyalty. Bryan has stuck with Mal and I during periods of our lives in which we were not always the best assets to the team. Being a DBG athlete is so much more than the countless tanks, shirts, leggings, joggers, sports bras, bags, and accessories Bryan has spent his own money to send. Being a part of the team is having others with the same mindset as you. It’s having an owner who genuinely cares about the customers. It’s knowing that you represent something bigger than yourself.

I never thought I would get more than those first two tanks and sunglasses, nor did I feel right asking for more, but I prayed I would find a home with DBG nonetheless. Sometimes when I’m resting between sets, I’ll catch a glimpse in the mirror of those same three letters I saw on Mal’s shirt, what seems like forever ago, and realize how lucky I am to be able to wear this brand. How blessed I am to have the means to wake up each day and step foot in the gym. I will forever be grateful for the things my body is capable of doing and continue to work until it is able to do what it cannot yet succeed at.

When you wear Don’t Blame Genetics, you’re saying that you will not find excuses, you will outwork any obstacles seeking to set you back, and you will do so with tenacity and a tireless work ethic. No negativity, no excuses, just hard work and discipline. Don’t Blame Genetics declares to the world, “I will not be held back from my dreams.”

It means a lot to be a DBG athlete and see my face on a page with thousands of followers, but it means even more to have friendships because of DBG. Being a part of Don’t Blame Genetics isn’t about the sponsorship, the discount code in your Instagram bio, the free clothes, or the money given to you for a competition. If that’s what sponsorships with companies become for you, perhaps you need to take a step back and reassess the situation and your entire partnership. You must instead wholeheartedly agree with the vision and the mission of the company and be prepared to ride the rollercoaster and fight for this dream just as hard as the person who created it.

To me, being a DBG athlete means seeing the bigger picture and learning to appreciate different backgrounds, varying journeys, and respecting others’ trials and tribulations, even if they differ from my own. I will never lose the excitement I get over a new package in my mailbox, a new design we have created and brought to life, or a new post I am featured in on the page. I am thankful and blessed for this opportunity each day I wear these clothes or see the letters DBG. I am strong. I am determined. I am relentless. I am a Don’t Blame Genetics athlete.


Taylor Bushard

Team DBG

I’m currently in the best shape of my life and have never felt better. I’ve learned so much during my journey in the fitness world. I now have a burning desire to help others. Too many people ignore the mental and spiritual growth potential of fitness and consider it a shallow, frivolous hobby. I’m committed to shifting this mindset with other like-minded individuals who are intelligent, motivated and entrepreneurial. I’m excited to continue on this path with others who are enthusiastic about the work it takes to achieve success. - Bryan Watmore (CEO)

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